Thank you for your interest in the Independent Film Society of Colorado’s website.  The website is currently only partly functional. We are working to correct some problems with the site and will have it back up and fully functional soon.  Until then enjoy what we have available.


“Mystery” Movie at The Tim Gill Center, then The Goonies and Jurassic Park at Ivywild

FREE “Mystery” Film on Thursday, Goonies Next Monday, Jurassic Park in 2 Weeks Now that the weather has improved, it is great to get out and do things after work. What could be better then enjoying the fresh air then take in a movie. I’m sorry, but I haven’t had time to work on the IFSOC website. The website is still undergoing maintenance and only have limited functionality for a little while. I will slowing be bringing it up to full speed and hope to have it fully functional in a few weeks. Because of our licensing agreement through PPLD, we can show some films free of charge, but … Continue reading →


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